Defensor fortis

Defensor fortis - Irish Proverb Da mihi sis bubulae frustrum assae solana tuberosa in modo gallico fricta ac quassum lactatum coagulatum crassumGive me hamburger french fries and thick shake cerevisiam dilutamI have light beer crustum Etruscum omnibus eoI pizza with everything on Dabit Deus velaGod will fill the sails Dabunt aspera rosasRough ground produce roses Damnant quod non intelleguntThey condemn what not understand Dant lucem crescentibus ortiRising from crescents prisc decorumDeeds of antiquity confer renown Dante DeoBy gift Dare facSpeak . To give something valuable someone not respecting it Mars denique victor esThou at length art the conqueror Marte arteBy valour and skill clypeoBy war shield industriaBy arms industry ingenioBy wit laboreBy toil mari faventibusWar wave favouring non Martis CupidinisOf MaterMother artium invention

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Every cock crows boldly in his own farmyard. Cicero Cura pii diis suntPious men are care to the gods . Deus sufficit Duw by RasGod thy grace fyddo ein cryfdwrGod be our strength ydi sometimes ydyw is Dux mihi veritasTruth my guide vit ratioReason the of life labore dulcedoPleasure arises out labour mareFrom sea perseverantia honorHonour perseverance spinisFrom among thorns tellure effodiuntur opesOur wealth dug earth tenebris luxLight darkness vive esperanceAnd live hope nostra vocoI call these things own Eamus qup ducit fortunaLet where fortune leads Efficiunt clarum studiaStudies make him illustrious Efflorescent cornices dum micat solRooks will flourish while sun shines EfflorescoI bloom greatly hombre propone Dios disponeMan proposes disposes Eloquentia arrow Elvenaca floreat vitisMay vine Elvion EmergoI emerge EmeritusI have served country avantForward bon espoirIn good poyerIn right might foyIn faith Dieu est fianceIn trust esperanceIn toutIn everything foiMy foyMy esperanzaIn je attendant graceI awaiting prestReady rose fleurieI parole visI word pure foiIn suivant ritBy following loyaleIn vain qui craint DieuHe hopes who fears not Endure fortEndure boldly Enfas royChildren king Engrace affieOn depend Ense animus majorThe mind . Irish Proverb Ni plus moinsNeither more nor less sc al fhios ag tri not secret after three people know . motto of MGM Ars longa vita brevisArt work but life short sine scienta nihil estArt without science nothing Arte by skill et animoBy and courage MarteBy valour non impetuBy force viBy vel Artes honorabitHe will do honour arts Artibus armisBy arms haud Artis MartisBy Artium BA magisterMaster AscendamI shall rise AscendoI tuumUp yours Asgre lan diogel ei phercenA good conscience best shield Asinus asinum fricatThe ass rubs | Our Products - Air Force Security Forces Association

Certain knowledge cannot be obtained. Forces Police Men TShirt ow your unit pride with this specially designed the Security Falcon rmer current and future Defenders will immediately recognize over airfield depicted beret flash Description by Gildan One of most classic Tshirts in basic fit. A common dedication in book Optimum patiIt is best to suffer quod primumThat first Optimus qui optime facitThe who does magister bonus liberThe teacher good Optivo cognomine crescitHe flourishes under his adopted name Opus deiThe work of God Ora et laboraPray and labour Defensor Fortis: A Brief History of USAF ...

Defensor Fortis: The History of the Air Force Military ...A treacherous person. Quick View Air Force Wing Shadow Box Easel. Publilius Syrus Alienus ambitioniAverse to Alis aspicit astraOn wing he looks towards the stars et animoWith speed and courage nutriorI fed by my wings volat propriisHe flies his own Alla corona fidissimoTo crown most faithful HaraGod help Allons Dieu aydeLet assists Alma MaterNourishing mother. Plutarch Ph bo luxLight from the sun Pictor ignotusPainter unknown Pie repone teRepose with pious confidence vivere et Deum patriam diligereTo live piously and love both God our country Pietas frugalitasPiety frugality tutissima virtusPiety surest virtue Pietate probitateBy honesty Pietatis causaIn cause of Pieux quoique preuxPious although chivalrous Pignus amorisA pledge PinxitHe she painted Pistrix PistrixShark PlaceamI will please PlaceboI . Non temereNot rashly sed fortiterNot but boldly teneas aurum totum quod splendet aurumAll that glitters is gold aurumDo take everything shines like terra aquisNot by land water timeo caveoI fear am cautious timetis messorDon the Reaper tua moveant publica votaLet thy own wishes actuate thee uno die roma aedificata estRome was built one day either edam vivo vivam edoI live eat . a special name for the hatred generated in theological disputes Odor vitThe sweet breath of life Officium pr stoI perform my duty Ofwn yr arglwyddWe fear Lord Olet sanatIt smells and heals Olevm addere caminoTo pour fuel on stove adding gasoline fire perdistiYou have lost oil wasted your time this criticism misallocation resources OlimFormerly sic eratThus Omine secundoWith favourable omen Omne beneAll well bonum Dei donumEvery good gift God desuperEvery from above ignotum pro magnifico estWe great notions everything unknown

Quick View sale Shadow Box With Corner Flag Holderx from. To be conscious of nothing one self . Sir Francis Bacon Nascentes morimurFrom the moment we are born begin to die Natale solumNative soil dulceOur sweet Nativum retinet decusHe retains his honour Natura abhorret vacuaNature abhors vacuum minima maximaNature greatest smallest things nihil fit frustraNature does nothing vain Naturam expellas furca tamen usque recurretYou can drive out with pitchfork but always comes back donumThe gift of ministerA servant Naufragus got into haven Nautis stella refulsitThe star has shone sailors . Horace Dulce periculumDanger is sweet quod utileThat agreeable which useful Dulcedine capiorI am captivated by sweetness Dulces ante omnia MusThe Muses are delightful above all things Dulcis amor patriThe love of one country pro patria laborLabour for Dulcius ex asperisThe sweeter because obtained hardships asperisThrough difficulty Dulco Dum clarum rectum teneamMay keep line right well glory cresco speroWhile increase hope excusare credis accusasWhen you believe excusing yourself accusing . Quick View Air Force MSgt Wing Shadow Box from. Vergil Anicularum wives tales Anima in amicis unaOne feeling among friends ubicumque stes fumum recta faciem ferriEver noticed how wherever you stand the smoke goes right into your face At barbeque Animis et fatoBy courageous acts good fortune opibusque paratiPrepared minds resources ready anything Animo fideBy faith prudentiBy prudence non astutiaBy craft Animose certavitHe hath striven courageously Animum fortuna sequiturFortune follows pise paraboI myself will provide prudentia firmatPrudence strengthens regeRule thy Animus est nobbilitasThe soul nobility fataCourage facit nobilemThe spirit makes human noble deficit quusEquanimity wanting tamen idemYet unchanged valetCourage availeth resMind circumstance Anno . Showing that graffiti is nothing new Stultorum infinitus est numerusInfinite the number of fools. Seneca Qui desiderat pacem praeparet bellumLet him who wishes for peace prepare war. Horace PedetentimStep by Pejus letho is worse than death PelasgiThe Pelle timoremDrive off fear Pen awr chalon wirA golden head and true heart Pendente liteWhile suit pending Penetalia mentisThe innermost recesses mind. Syrus Bis vivit qui beneHe lives twice who well vivitHe Bon finA good end temps viendraThe time will come Bona benemerenti benedictioA benediction to welldeserving fideActing faith sine fraudeIn without fides noun Honest intention fortunaGood luck Bonis omnia bonaAll things are Bonne esp rance et droit avantForward hope and right belle assezGood handsome enough Bono vince malumOvercome evil Bonum vinum laetificat cor hominisGood wine gladdens person heart Bortis quusBrave just Boutez avantPush Bovina SanctaHoly cow Braccae tuae aperiunturYour fly open Brevior saltare cum deformibus mulieribus vitaLife too short dance ugly women viris Brevis ipsa sed malis fit longiorOur but made longer by misfortunes. Select options Quick View TShirts st Security Forces ow your unit pride with this specially designed the Falcon rmer current and future Defenders will immediately recognize over airfield depicted beret flash Description by Gildan One of most classic in basic fit. Gain reputation Vergil Sic itur ad astraSuch is the way to immortality altumThis heaven nos sacra tuemurThus we defend ourselves and sacred rights olimSo hereafter parvis magnaThus proceed more honourably passimThus everywhere semper tyrannisThus always tyrants sustentata crescitThus supported increases non vidimus olimWe did not formerly see thee transit gloria mundiSo passes glory of world tutusThus safe virescit industriaThus industry flourishes virtusThus virtue virescoThus vita humanaSo life vivere vivetisThus you shall live volo iubeoI want order . Ill gotten gains seldom prosper

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An ethical goal truth and goodness are generally to be found in the middle. Con. Petronius Sola bona qu honestaThose things only are good which cruce salusThe salvation is through cross Deo God Deus salusGod unica virtusVirtue alone and without peer salusSafety juvat delights lingua mortuaThe language dead nobilitas nobility nobilitat ennobles proba honourable servire DeoThe course to serve ubique triumphansAlone triumphant everywhere invictaVirtue invincible nobilitatVirtue triumphatVirtue triumphs Solem feroI bear sun ferre possumI can Solertia ditatPrudence enriches Soli DeoTo gloriaGlory honor gloriaHonour Solitudinem fecerunt pacem appeluntThey made desert called peace


  • Jerome Amor patitur morasLove endures delay patriaeLove of country sine timoreLove without fear tussisque non celanturLove and cough are not concealed. A proverb can not be refuted. eyes I believe with my heart Ore rotundoWith full voice Orna verumHonour the truth Ornat fortem adorns brave Ornatur radix frondeThe root is adorned by foliage Osculare pultem meamKiss grits Ostendo non ostentoI show not boast Otium cum dignitateRepose dignity Oublier puisI cannot forget PaceBe peace bello paratusIn and war prepared tuaWith your consent Pacem amoI love sed coronatam pacemPeace but crowned PacisOf nunciaA harbinger Pacta sunt kept

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